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I have heard that the use of disposable nappies can cause infertility later in life. Is that true?

There is no robust scientific evidence to support any increase in infertility resulting from the use of disposable nappies. There was a paper issued some time ago which alleged that raised temperatures found within non-breathable plastic outer nappy covers, including plastic pants, could affect fertility. This study was never substantiated by peer review.

Naty nappies have a breathable outer cover which allows air to circulate freely within the nappy, this effectively keeps your baby dry, cool and comfortable. We can assure you that your child will be safe and comfortable in Naty nappies.

Can I be sure that there are no harmful chemicals in Eco by Naty nappies?

We can assure you that there are no harmful or toxic chemicals in our nappies. The materials we use are absolutely safe and are thoroughly tested in all aspects for potential allergic reaction. We aim to use renewable resources as often as possible all the while providing you with a high performance nappy.

My baby has been suffering from rash problems since using Naty nappies. What could be the cause of this?

Nappy rash can have many causes, diet, teething and even the length of time between nappy changes can have an effect.

Prior to launching any of our products we carry out extensive tests to ensure its suitability and safety for any intended purpose. We are satisfied that the materials used in our nappies meet all the critical needs both for the baby and parents. Baby comfort, performance, and safety were the most important factors which our consumers and retailers considered before agreeing to stock and market our range of products.

It is possible that your baby does have particularly sensitive skin, and we sadly must recommend that you stop using our nappies, should the problem persist. Should the rash not improve thereafter we recommend that you seek medical advice.

Are super-absorbents harmful?

Super-absorbents have been used in the disposable nappy industry for over 20 years and have a very safe track record. Super-absorbents are used to improve absorption and provide enhanced leakage protection. The super-absorbent used in Naty nappies, and most disposable nappies, are completely safe and have been thoroughly tested for allergic reactions as well as toxicity.

For more information on super-absorbents in Naty nappies, please see “Do you use super-absorbents in your products?”

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